Inside Our Machine Shop

This is our Rottler F65M Machining Center.
Shown here, we are Blueprint Boring 90 degrees, true and square to the crankshaft centerline!

Note: We now have a Rottler F68A Complete C&C Machining Center.

Blueprint Boring

Now we change the Boring Head out, and put in the CBN Resurfacing Head, and we can Blueprint & "True Square the Decks", both in height, and 90 degrees to the crankshaft centerline!
True Square Decking a Block

With a quick 2 minute fixture change, we can now resurface cylinder heads.
The machine gives us superior surface finish, thanks to the CBN Cutter Head!
Cylinder Head Milling

With most of the newer aluminum heads, we set the head up on parallels for resurfacing.
This squares the head up with the cam towers!
This makes for a better product in the long run!
Aluminum Head being milled

The machine is very versatile.
Here we are resurfacing an aluminum intake manifold for better fit on the engine assembly!
Intake Manifold Resurfacing

This is the balancing package for the Rottler.
Another 2 minute changeover, and we have a state of the art, computerized balancing system!
Balancing Setup

Thanks toTurner Technologies, and Rottler's engineering, we have a PC Driven Balancing System, with accuracy that can't be beat!
All our CDP Performance Engines are balanced to within 1 GRAM!

The Computer tells us what size hole to drill, how deep it should be drilled, and exactly where to drill it!
It is super fast, and super accurate!

Here we are clearancing a block for a Stroker Crank.

Machining the domes on a set of pistons to correct compression ratio.

The possibilities are endless with this machine.

Here is a Ford 427 block that needed some welding.
Now we have to install 8 cylinder sleeves to save this very rare block.

Blueprint Boring the block to install the new cylinder sleeves.

Sleeves are installed right on the machine, which saves time, and time is money!

We then re-bore the sleeves to the correct bore we are looking for,
and then pop the boring head out,
and pop the CBN Cutter head back in,
and then square deck the block to the deck height we need!

Blueprint Boring and Decking a Marine outboard motor.

This is Our Serdi 60 Seat and Guide Machining Center.
From Stock Valve Jobs to All Out Race Multi-Angle Valve Jobs, We can handle them all !
Our Serdi Seat & Guide Maching Center

This is a picture of our Serdi in action. We are machining the seats on a fully ported and polished Nissan SR20 Head.
Machining Seats on a Ported Set of Ford Heads

This is a picture of us milling a Volkswagon VR6 Cylinder Head on our old,
but faithfull, Storm Vulcan Milling Machine.
Resurfacing a Cylinder Head

Just a few of the cylinder heads we work on daily, waiting for valve seat machining
Cylinder heads waiting to be machined

This is where we install new valve guides in our cylinder heads. We use K-Lines Bronze Bullet Liners for superior wear resistance and heat transfer. We can run tighter valve stem to guide clearances, which means longer valve & guide life, better oil control, and unmatched seat life. This all adds up to more free Horsepower!
Guide Installation Area.

A closer look at a Ford 351 Cleveland head ready for bronze guide liner installation.
Ford 351C head waiting for guides.

We use nothing but the best of parts in our cylinder heads.
Head Assembly

We offer custom porting work, tailored to your needs. Specializing in Both Foreign and Domestic!
Porting work on a 200HP 'All Motor' Nissan SR20DE Head.

Pressure Tester to check heads and blocks for cracks.
Pressure Tester

Just a few blocks waiting for cleaning and machining.
Blocks waiting for cleaning.

All "CDP" Performance engines are precision honed using torque plates to simulate the stress of the cylinder head being bolted on the motor. This gives a superior cylinder finish for perfect ring seal every time.
Honing cabinet

Torque plate bolted on engine block prior to honing.
Block w/ torque plate installed.

All parts are cleaned before and after machining in our Jet Wash cabinet and/or our Hot Tank.

All parts are then run threw our Steelabrator Twin Impeller Airless shot machine. This removes all scale, rust, and carbon from parts, inside and out, for a superior finished product.
Our Steelabrator Airless shot machine

Heads, Blocks, Cranks, and Connecting Rods look like brand new after just a few minutes in the airless shot machine.
Heads cleaned using our airless shot machine

These are connecting rods after being airless shot peened.
Connecting rods after being shotpeened

A Flathead Ford V-8 engine after being airless shot blasted, now waiting for machine work.
Kwik Way Rod Reconditioner

Our belt sander comes in handy for all those quick resurfacing jobs, like aluminum timing covers.
Surface Grinder

All "CDP" Performance Engines connecting rods are shot peened, then reconditioned using new ARP Rod Bolts. As with all our machining processes, exact tolerances are always held.
Kwik Way Rod Reconditioner

Our Surface Grinder for Custom Specialty Jobs. We also use this all the time to machine the valve adjusting disks commonly used on Toyota Heads.
Surface Grinder

Just one of the many tasks a Bridgeport can handle with the right mechanist!
Custom Machining Combustion Chambers

Custom machine work is not a problem! Just doing some final machining on Leo's new aluminum head for his 292ci Chevy 6cyl. Race Engine.Custom Work

Custom machining a piston for a customers motor.
Piston Machining

All engines are assembled, with meticulous care in our 'Clean Room', a separate room sealed off from the rest of the machine shop.
Assembly Room

Just one of the hundreds of 'CDP' Performance Engines we custom build every year.
A sample of one of our Street Strip engines

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