We now do all our block machining on the Rottler F68A True C&C Machining Center.
This is the Ultimate Machine for Blueprinting Blocks and Heads.

  • It has Unmatched Accuracy for 'TRUE' Cylinder Block and Head Blueprinting
  • All dimensions held to +- .0001
  • Boring and Sleeving of Blocks
  • M.I.D. Sleeve Kits Installed w/ Unmatched Accuracy, and NO LEAKING!
  • 'Flanged" Sleeves Installed w/ Precision
  • True 'Square" Decking in Relation to the Main and Cam Bearing Saddles.
  • Precision Block & Head O-Ringing
  • Precision Main Bore Align Boring
  • 4-Bolt Main Conversion Caps Installed
  • Stroker Crank and Rod Block Clearancing

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